ーWhat comes from my hands is..ー


I grew up in the countryside near Shigaraki, a place rich in nature and simplicity.

In my childhood, the mountains, rivers and rice paddies were my daily playground.

One of my favorite pastimes was to go up the tributaries of the Soma River.

The shallows, the stagnation, the free flow, the mossy fallen trees, the shapes of the stones, the creatures we came across.

I picked up, threw away, kicked, and sometimes caught fish as I walked along.

This original landscape of my childhood seems to have finally flowed into my consciousness.

Curiosity and touch, something meaningless, starts to whirr in my hands.

Ceramic Artist

Hide Fujimoto  藤本 秀


-History of ceramics-

1954     Bone in Koka-city Japan.

1973~83  Self-taught oil painting.

1987~92  Created installations with natural materials (wood, grass,soil).

1990     Made pit-fired ceramics.

1991     Worked at ceramic studio in Shigaraki.

1995     Made wood fired kiln in Shigaraki.

2000     First solo exhibition in Shigaraki-Toen Gallery.

           Ather solo exhibition in various places.

2004     Invited to wood fire workshop at NCECA in America.

2005     “Exhibition of works from The Lake Land” at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.

2006     Involved in rebuild the old Shigaraki kiln Kanayama.

2007     “Special Exhibition, Welcome to TANUKI PALECE” at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.

2008~12  Installation of soil and ceramics at Shigaraki Art and Craft Trail.

2011     Invited to The Kyon-ki-dou Biennale in Korea.

2013     Certified as A Shigaraki Traditional Craftman’s Qualification.

2017     Invited to The Fule International Ceramic Art Museum in China.

        Invited to Kim-Je Bugeri Onggi Kiln Wood fire Workshop in Korea.

2018     Worked and lectured at National Tainan University of the Arts, Taiwan 

2019     "Exchange and Experiment"  Towards a New Age of Pottery (Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park)

               Chin chin pottery (Tainan)/solo exhibition and workshop.

2020     " Miraculous Clay"  Three Views of Shigaraki (Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park) 

               " Iga✕ Shigaraki Exchange Exhibition"  (Sukodo)

2022  "Clay as Soft Power" University of Michigan, UMMA

    A broken vase owned by an American collector will be exhibited.