This pottery class is located in the Shigaraki Kumoi forest.


In the spring, the mountain azaleas are in full bloom, and in the fall, the leaves are changing colors, making this a cozy classroom surrounded by the sense of the seasons.


Hide Fujimoto, a traditional artisan, gently and carefully instructs students in everything from basic hand-building to advanced pottery making techniques.

Beyond the Studio Window


The fruits of the oldham blueberry have ripened to red.

Work in progress using a hand-cranked potter's wheel.

String making

Building a kiln

Carrying firewood

Tea Time

Ideal weather for drying


Cross the creek to the classroom.


I'll be waiting for you.

Kumoi club

This is a meeting of friends who enjoy pottery at the studio and gallery of Shigaraki ware traditional artisan Hide Fujimoto.

  • Ceramic art classes
  • Kiln firing experience in anagama
  • Tea ceremony experience in the garden
  • Throwing flowers and branches around the studio
  • Bonfires and moon viewing
  • Making hide design T-shirts




October 7 (Fri.) 9:00 am. ~

Pack in a kiln

Friday, October 14, 6:00 am. - Monday, October 17, 6:00 pm.

  Firing a kiln with a pine tree


Saturday, October 22, am. 9:00 ~

  Take out of the kiln 


●Kumoi Kiln

  Maki Shigaraki-cho Koka-shi Shiga Japan


●More than 10 people(All ages and experience are welcome)

People who want to bake their own products in anagama kilns.



  (280 bundle of firewood, kiln fee, instruction fee, clay fee, etc.)


For any other questions, please email us.



Hide's design

Shigaraki ware pot in half, look, a pretty bra!

Shigaraki clay is high quality and shiny.

The Shigaraki jar is in love with Saturn.